The previous two posts of ColorSonics short jukebox ‘videos’ failed to mention the company’s predecessor Scopitone. Which brings us to today’s little look inside the Scopitone ST-36 jukebox. Somebody clearly put a lot of love and care into restoring this thing and putting it into working order, complete with the 16mm film strips on its rotating mechanism. The shelf life of these films couldn’t possibly have been predicted when they were made in the mid-60s–it would have probably struck anyone involved in the production of these almost-nudie musical go-go flicks that what they were doing was worth saving. Nonetheless I’ve always believed that wherever there’s a machine, there’s a guy who knows how to fix it. And this is probably the first (and last) time you’ll be privileged to see the inside guts of a Scoptione jukebox. Don’t worry–tomorrow we’ll get back to the almost-nudie-musical-go-go-flicks…


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