Every move, every twitch, every eye-pop of Rodney Dangerfield’s is a brilliant piece of method acting. Add to that the non-stop jokes and you have one of the truly ‘performative’ comics; he’s a man named Jacob Cohen (his real name) who, under the pseudonym ‘Jack Roy’ (his first stage name) is playing a comic named Rodney Dangerfield (who doesn’t really exist) who’s playing a man (without a name) telling jokes about a life that exists only for as long as each joke takes to tell. Do you get what I’m saying or should I stop where I am and simply recommend watching the above, which is one of Rodney’s greatest Carson appearances? By the way, I think Johnny’s great appreciation and affection for him is not only because of Dangerfield’s unstoppable energy and humor but also for how little Johnny needs to do once he has Rodney sitting next to him on-stage.


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