‘Dizzy Detectives’ (1943) is the 68th Stooge short made for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed over June 29-July 2, 1942 (Monday-Thursday of that calendar year) and was released on February 5, 1943 (which was a Friday). It’s one of the last of the great Curly shorts–his timing and physical comedy are as yet unimpeded by the chronic brain injuries that slowed him down by mid-1943. (Those shorts, where his lethargy and slowness became all too painfully obvious, wouldn’t be released until early 1944). Moe’s fall at 2:15 is real–he does his own excellent stunt and legend has it that he went right to the hospital after that take with two broken ribs. Believe it…or don’t! At 13:00 Curly’s spin on the floor and subsequent backstroke are the stuff that extreme sports are made of. Enjoy!


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