‘Goof On The Roof’ is the Three Stooges 152nd short film made for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Monday, November 17th through Wednesday, November 19th, 1952 and was released a full year later on Thursday, December 3rd, 1953. The film is probably the most violent of any of the Shemp shorts, with an abundant amount of physical torture inflicted by a particularly vicious and bullying Moe, while also containing numerous violent encounters with household objects–doorways, pails, brooms, a television set, hammers destroying walls, electrocutions, fires etc. The film is a spiritual cousin of two Laurel and Hardy shorts, ‘Helpmates’ (in which L&H need to clean up a house in an unexpected hurry and wind up destroying it) and ‘Hog Wild’ (where they attempt to install a radio antenna on a roof). In ‘Goof On The Roof’ the actual roof action is limited to the last two minutes of the film and is vastly inferior to the L&H film, which features elaborate and terrifying comedic stunts. But ‘Goof On The Roof’ stands as a fine example of how much could be accomplished with three great comedians on one set with nobody else there to interfere. Apparently Shemp Howard suffered a minor stroke two weeks after filming was completed but was rushed back to work a week later for work on their next short. Did the NFL have anything to do with this?


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