‘Slippery Silks’ was the 19th short subject made by the Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Wednesday, June 10th through Monday, June 15th, 1936 and released on Sunday, December 27th of that year. The film satirizes the world of women’s fashion in the Deco era and uses some awfully nice standing sets that are clearly from other, more expensive, Columbia movies. It features a climactic cream-puff fight and an ‘inside fashion’ gay camp joke at 9:50. The credited director, Preston Black, was in fact Jack White, producer Jules White’s brother. The explanation given for the pseudonym on the film’s Wikipedia page is that White was going through a bad divorce at the time and wanted to shield his income from his voracious, greedy, soon-to-be-ex wife (played perhaps by Anita Garvin?) This makes more sense than the only alternative explanation, which would be that Jules White didn’t wish to be accused of nepotism by hiring a family member. I mean really…who the hell would care? We’re talking about a Three Stooges movie for Christ’s sake.


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