On this coming Thursday, May 25th, my jazz trio will be performing at a lovely venue in the fascinating town of Temecula, CA. called ‘The Merc’. Our first set of music will feature title track songs from mid-century Hollywood movies. Among them will be ‘The Tender Trap’, ‘Days Of Wine and Roses’, ‘Wives and Lovers’ and Peter Nero’s lovely theme for ‘Sunday In New York’. Above I’ve posted that film’s credit sequence. In the first two and half minutes there are more instances of sleazy, cancellable male behavior than in most two-hour features of any period. The movie traffics in subtle (and not so subtle) sexual innueundo in a very early-to-mid sixties fashion. Personally I find its antiquity charming in a way–leering men and supposedly flattered women were the lingua franca of the day. So go ahead and cancel me if you must. But wait until you hear the lyrics to ‘Wives and Lovers’ before you do so.


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