Here’s a nice compilation reel showing opening clips of typical Sunday programming of the mid-sixties in roughly the order you might see the shows in. Things start off religiously (including ‘Davey and Goliath’ which, as a child, I was clueless enough not to realize was a religiously based program–I just liked the weird claymation). We progress to the news programs (‘Meet The Press’ featuring Presidential nominee John F. Kennedy) and amble along just as any Sunday ambles, with Beany and Cecil vying for attention opposite a doc about George Patton narrated by Walter Cronkite. At 11:03 is the big money–the Gumby and Pokey credit sequence. We get a glimpse of Ted Mack’s amateur hour but not, for some reason, Ed Sullivan who was a Sunday night institution. There’s a clip from a Cronkite ‘Twentieth Century’ episode which predicts with complete accuracy what the American home will look like in the year 2000– the big screen TV with big speakers and lots of programming choices from a computer. Things end with a clip of a thoroughly forgotten show called ‘The Missing Ingredient’ featuring Jack Nicholson from 1961. I wonder if Nicholson even remembers it.


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