Kudos to the Youtuber RwDt09, the person responsible for these terrific compilations of opening credit sequences for TV seasons of the past. Thus far I’ve posted CBS and NBC’s lineups in 1962. Today’s features twenty-one intros from various networks from 1967. Included alongside titles that we still know (for the most part) like ‘Ironside’, ‘Mannix’ and ‘Gentle Ben’ are wildly obscure non-starters like ‘He and She’ starring Paula Prentiss and Richard Benjamin, ‘Good Morning World’ with Joby Baker (yes Joby, not Joey as my auto-correct keeps trying to make it) and a show about Custer called, well, ‘Custer’ staring Wayne Maunder (needed to look him up–turns out his best known role wasn’t even played by him. Luke Perry portrayed him in ‘Once Upon A Time In Hollywood’). There’s a nice early pass at the opening credits for ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ and a grooving intro to ‘The Mothers-In-Law’ with Kaye Ballard and Eve Arden, Desi Arnaz’s farewell show as a TV producer. Almost all of the sequences are artfully conceived and executed with killer orchestrations. It’s the shows themselves that are the weak link. I can’t help but ask myself if, in forty years, a similar compilation of CBSs current prime-time line-up will look this silly. Given that pretty much all CBS seems to do are quickly cancelled sitcoms and those shows about government types and military units who shoot and kill lots of people, I believe the answer will be a resounding yes.


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