On Friday I posted a clip from the musical variety show ‘Shivaree’ featuring the extraordinary dancer Bobby Banas in a performance he choreographed himself set to ‘A Taste Of Honey’. I mentioned also that Banas became an unlikely YouTube star a few years back when a clip of him dancing in a group to Shirley Ellis’ ‘The Nitty-Gritty’ went viral and resulted in Banas earning the ‘Best 60s Dancer-Boy Ever’ monicker. (As of January 16th of this year there have been 16.628143 views). Once again, Banas choreographed the routine himself and even if you don’t know who he is you’ll figure it out pretty quickly. The clip is from a performance on a 1964 Judy Garland show. If you read through some of the comments below the video you’ll find a very nice reminiscence from somebody who studied dance with Banas, who apparently taught out of a studio in the backyard of his home in the San Fernando Valley. Banas is still with us and will celebrate his 90th birthday this year.



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