‘Studio Stoops’ (1950) was the 126th short film made by The Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Tuesday, February 22nd through Friday, February 25th 1949 and was released on Thursday, October 5th 1950, a full twenty months after it was made. Like all the Stooges shorts directed by Edward Bernds, it is better plotted with more intricately worked out gags than the Jules White shorts. Bernds and writer Elwood Ullman took greater care with the structure of their Stooge shorts and ‘Studio Stoops’ actually has a plot that functions as opposed to being an excuse for a string of sometimes funny, sometimes ugly gags. The Stooges themselves seem to rise to the occasion as well, delivering more fully rounded characterizations and timing their gags better. Christine McIntyre has one of her best Stooge-turns as Dolly Devore and Vernon Dent also appears, making this a prime mid-Shemp entry. Anacanapa!


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