The Cameras are Rolling: Images from the Front Lines.

Day One: Pre-production Photography. So now it gets exciting. The cameras are being dusted off and powered up. Our B-Roll shoot has commenced and City Island will be begin to burn its beauty on to celluloid.
Above Raymond (whipping up mystery and noteriety in dark sunglasses) and our brilliant Cinematographer: Vanja Cernjul (fresh from the hit television show 30 Rock) bask in the magnificent City Island sunlight.
Who would have thought that the Bronx could be so beautiful?

As a traditionalist, Raymond strikes a classic pose, turns on the glamour and transports us to the south of France. The Bronx as you know it is a distant memory. (I for one, am happy to see that the clever little Blackberry has managed to fuse itself to his palm).
Today’s verdict? The director hat is well and truly on de Felitta’s head.

-Cecelia Bee


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