The Cloth is Being Cut: Steven Strait Fitting

A snapshot of the lovely Steven Strait to whet the palettes of his adoring fans…

The Wardrobe department is working overtime to get everyone looking suitably City Island. Steven and his impossibly likeable wife (actress Lynn Collins) dropped into City Island headquarters yesterday and the awesome Tere Duncan outfitted him in some ex-con threads.I would like to say at this point (and I speak for all who have had the pleasure to meet the Strait/Collins) something that is always said with a tone of surprise about actors and their spouses: they are really are ‘down to earth’.
This quality (at the risk of wandering into the realm of the slushy) makes the whole process feel like a great collaboration, where the integrity and quality of the end product (the film) is the ONLY thing to care about.

-Cecelia Bee



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