Welcome to 2019. What better way to start the year off than with an embarrassing old commercial for Martini & Rossi (booze, if you’re not familiar with it) starring Angie Dickinson–then the smoking hot spokesdame for the brand–and a clearly uncomfortable Burt Bacharach at the piano. Burt can’t seem to make eye contact, has the weirdest off-pitch singing voice I’ve ever encountered in a genius musician, and the whole thing should probably have been shelved. As proof that time doesn’t always improve matters, below I’ve posted another commercial featuring Burt, this time for–get this–Geico. All of the same performance problems exist only this time the product he’s helping to shill for is considerably less glamorous, as it the woman sitting next to him. She is Brenda Coates, ‘a real Geico customer’ and the whole thing is clearly a send-up of the earlier commercial. In which case was Burt purposefully bricking his singing?


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