Here’s a fascinating little fragment of W.C. Fields and director Mitchell Leisen on the set of ‘The Big Broadcast of 1938’. It’s hard to figure out what this was for. The first section is a little mini-routine between Fields and Leisen–they’re wired for sound so clearly this was meant for some viewing purpose–and the second piece is a silent shot of Fields, Leisen and a couple of others sitting at a patio table with Fields doing some kind of drinking routine. Finally we get a view of The Great Man speeding along the golf course in a rather streamlined late-30s looking golf cart. I love when mystery-footage like this surfaces–somehow this little fragment of goofiness survived eighty-five years or neglect and obscurity only to survive and allow us a little look into a long-gone movie set with some long-dead people having a pleasurable moment as they pass through time.


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