This is a real curio. It’s clips and coverage of a concert that the Jackson 5 did in 1971 at–get this–West Side High School in Gary, Indiana. Imagine that? The Jackson’s coming to your auditorium for a little after school concert? (When I went to High School we once had a local theater group come and perform ‘Hair’…without the nudity). The other day I posted the Jackson’s on a ‘Flip Wilson Show’ from the same year and, in viewing this, I’m similarly struck by how slickly staged and beautifully crafted their whole act was. I’m not sure who made this video– I see some nice old-school video rolls which means were watching something off of a VHS (or perhaps even Beta?) tape–or if this was even professionally exhibited. Little Michael, age 12, is of course impossibly and irresistably talented…but give Jermaine, Tito, Marlon and Jackie their due (and beyond); before the Jacksons were a one-man band, they were one of the greatest stage acts of all time.


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