Given that Spotify reports that Earth Wind & Fire’s immortal ‘September’ has been played on its platform 1.18 BILLION times, I’m hardly breaking new ground by posting the above clip. However I just read the NY TIMES Obit of drummer Fred White–half brother of EWF founder and all-around auteur Maurice White and bassist Verdine White–and offer the above as a tribute to his extraordinary musicianship. No songs’ opening bars rock one with anticipation of the joyous explosion about to follow quite like ‘September’ and so much of it is rooted in the groove that White lays down. For a fascinating recounting of how the song came into being check out this Sirius XM show featuring my good friend, journalist and historian Marc Myers. You’ll be delighted and amazed with the history lesson and your enjoyment of the song will be enhanced forever. RIP Fred White.


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