The YouTube artist known as NASS has once again worked his/her/they’s magic on some rare footage of New York City. This time we are on Park Avenue in 1951 (the newest car seen on the street is a ’51 Oldsmobile, which is how the date was arrived at). By slowing the frame rate down to 60fps, colorizing the footage and adding a realistic sound-bed of city traffic noises, a true time machine has been created. Georgraphically we are all over the famed thoroughfare–midtown, upper east side, above the 97th street portal where the trains from Grand Central emerge from the tunnel into the light. We see young schoolgirls playing hopscotch, some shots of refuse in the gutter, lots of doormen and nannies and finally some views of the then brand-new ‘Lexington Houses’, a development on a ‘superblock’ that runs from Park Avenue through Third Avenue on East 98th and 99th street. A helpful sign tells us that William O’Dwyer was then Mayor of the city and Robert F. Wagner Borough President. Enjoy this mesmerizing little trip into a much cleaner and more orderly (despite the fact that the streets had no traffic lanes!) Manhattan.


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