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The ‘Niagra Falls/Slowly I Turn’ bit–which we’ve been examining this week in excruciating detail–found a variation of sorts in this Abbott and Costello routine from ‘Keep ‘Em Flying’, a 1942 wartime vehicle co-starring Martha Raye as twins. (Click the above link–the person who posted the video declined to share it

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‘SLOWLY I TURN’…(and see Errol Flynn?)

My dogged pursuit of the increasingly obnoxious vaudeville routine known as ‘Niagra Falls’ or ‘Slowly I Turn’ continues with a Colgate Comedy Hour version starring Abbott and Costello featuring Errol Flynn. This is the worst version thus far of the routine–Flynn is miscast, unable to convincingly be broad and over

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‘Restless Knights’ (1935) is the 6th short subject made by The Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Wednesday, December 19th through Saturday, December 22nd, 1934 and released on Wednesday, February 20th 1935. It features Walter Brennan as the Stooges father and Geneva Mitchell as the Queen–she’s the

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