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A NAT COLE TRIO SOUNDIE SPECIAL Apropos of yesterday’s Nat Cole/Chico Marx post, here’s a terrific demonstration of Cole’s artistry at a young age. It’s a ‘soundie’ (made for jukebox consumption) of ‘Come To Baby, Do’, featuring his original trio which included Wesley Prince on bass and the criminally underrated guitarist Oscar Moore. (I like

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CYD CHARISSE–THE PRE-MGM YEARS Above are two exceedingly obscure and quite fascinating glimpses of Cyd Charisse in the early 1940s prior to being discovered by Arthur Freed and Robert Alton at MGM. The first is a ‘soundie’–a short musical film made to be watched in a special Jukebox that showed film reels of

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Last Friday I posted about a beautifully restored jukebox that was equipped to show films of the bands performing the songs in the jukebox. These films, known as ‘soundies’, are a great preservation tool as far too little film of performers of the day exist, especially black performers who were

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A gentleman named Jon Torrence made the above home video of a beautifully restored machine from 1939 called a Mills Company Panoram. This was a period jukebox with a screen that permitted the viewing of soundies–short films of bands and singers performing popular songs of the day. Mr. Torrence is

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