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Apropos of yesterday’s post featuring the lyrics to the theme song of ‘Bewitched’, here is the ‘I Love Lucy’ theme with lyrics sung by Ricky Ricardo himself. The theme was written by two-time Oscar nominee Eliot Daniel. The lyrics were later written by five-time Oscar nominee Harold Adamson for the 1953 episode ‘Lucy’s

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BEWITCHED PART DEUX Last Friday I posted about the theme song of the classic TV show Bewitched. Today I’m adding two vocal versions. The first is sung by Steve Lawrence and the second by Peggy Lee. Steve does a perfectly serviceable Steve Lawrence impersonation (people often say he tries to imitate Frank

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‘BEWITCHED’ TITLE SEQUENCES: COMPARE AND CONTRAST ‘Bewitched’, the iconic and much beloved television sit-com, aired from September 17, 1964 to July 1, 1972 for an eye popping total of 254 episodes. The first seventy-four (1964 to 1966) were in black and white. Naturally once the show went to color the credit sequence was remade in

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The dance show ‘Hullabaloo’, which aired on NBC from January 12 1965 to April 11, 1966, was arguably the best show of it’s kind–better than ‘Shindig’ in my humble opinion. If you’ve never seen it watch the above complete twenty-five minute episode which features a mind boggling line-up of guests–Sammy

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Did you know that #moviestar Dustin Hoffman drinks Caffe Vergnano and was well paid to do so? Proof: #actor #movies #FilmTwitter

The VW Fastback was the dopiest #car Volkswagen ever made and this #vintage Dustin Hoffman #TV #Commercial for it somehow makes that okay. #tvtime

Dustin Hoffman (or is it Benjamin Braddock?) enthusiastically sells the ludicrous 1969 #VW Fastback in this classic #Television #Commercial. #TCMParty #actors

Dig W.C.Fields lovely digs in Laughlin Park which was for sale last year. #Hollywood #LosAngelesHomes #TCMParty

Have you ever seen W.C. Fields incredible Juggling act? You haven't? Well, the best five minutes of your day await you! #comedy #Circus #FilmTwitter #TCM

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