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‘Micro-Phonies’ (1945) is the 87th short film made by The Three Stooges for Columbia Pictures. It was photographed from Monday, June 4 through Thursday, June 7th ,1945, and was released on Thursday, November 15th of that year. It was the second Stooge short directed by Edward L. Bernds, though it

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The Howard Stern of the 1980s was, of course, different from the Howard Stern of today. (I suppose the same could be said of the Raymond De Felitta of the 80s as well but that’s a horse of a different color.) Stern’s personality was that of a defensive underdog peeking

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Dustin Hoffman (or is it Benjamin Braddock?) enthusiastically sells the ludicrous 1969 #VW Fastback in this classic #Television #Commercial. #TCMParty #actors

Dig W.C.Fields lovely digs in Laughlin Park which was for sale last year. #Hollywood #LosAngelesHomes #TCMParty

Have you ever seen W.C. Fields incredible Juggling act? You haven't? Well, the best five minutes of your day await you! #comedy #Circus #FilmTwitter #TCM

Moe Howard gets dunked in a bath of rubber and floats to the ceiling in 'Dizzy Pilots' (1943). It's easier to see it than explain it. #FilmTwitter #TCMParty #comedy

'Dizzy Pilots' (1943) is this mornings Three Stooges #comedy treat (assuming you're that kind of person). #comedian #FilmTwitter #TCMParty

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