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K-TEL PRESENTS 8-TRACK TAPE SELECTOR Yesterday we saw the K-Tel Record Selector in action. Today I bring you the 8-Track Tape Selector. It’s funnier watching the 8-Track tapes fall forward in their slots than the records. However I am unable to locate a vintage Tape Selector. But there are several vintage Record Selectors on

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K-TEL PRESENTS: CRAP FOR YOUR HOUSE! Yesterday I posted several K-Tel records commercials along with a nice little history and discussion of the brand and the recordings. But did you know that, in addition to somewhat cheesy LP compilations, K-Tel made more-than-somewhat cheesy home products? Above are two commercials. The first is the K-Tel ‘Record

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'The Aloof' is Bob Fosse at his best, a #Dance number from 'Sweet Charity' that truly kills. Give it three minutes and change the complexion of your Monday for the better. #dancers #Broadway #MUSICAL #FilmTwitter #TCM

Dig some Three Stooges action this Sunday with 'Loco Boy Makes Good', an exceptionally good Curly short with an exceptionally sad story about it's writer Clyde Bruckman. #comedy #filmtwt #TCM

This weekend's Three Stooges offering is an excellent Curly vehicle called 'Loco Boy Makes Good' (1942). Enjoy it and enjoy my tale of how the film led to the suicide of one its writers, Clyde Bruckman. Jesus! #comedy #FilmTwitter #TCM #slap #Violence

1080 Lexington Avenue pictured yesterday afternoon and in 1940. The old dame has seen a lot of NewYork passing by over the years. But it appears she’s finally meeting her end as we all do.

Watch a couple of early 1940s soundies featuring the teenage pre-#MGM Cyd Charisse. Fascinating viewing, IMHO. #Dance #MUSICAL #TCM #FilmTwitter

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