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W.C. Fields last home in Los Angeles was in a Hollywood neighborhood called Laughlin Park. The neighborhood is close to the hills of Los Feliz and gated for privacy. The house was for sale last year and a rather nice video was made showing the joint off. The house was

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I would bet that most people reading this blog know that W.C. Fields was a Broadway headliner prior to his emergence as a Hollywood superstar. Furthermore, many readers might also know that he had a long career in Vaudeville before that. What one might possibly not be aware of, though,

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W.C. FIELDS AT HOME IN LONG ISLAND Here’s another of the George Mann home movie items, this one of W.C. Fields clowning around in front of his house in Great Neck, Long Island. The year is 1928. Though Fields is a Broadway star, his move to California and his eventual international stardom from his movies is

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W.C. FIELDS ‘THE DENTIST’–BROADWAY V. HOLLYWOOD Yesterday I posted about the amazing George Mann home movie footage of Broadway in the late 1920s. Mann performed in a number of Earl Carroll reviews during that decade and in 1928 he was part of the seventh edition of ‘Earl Carroll’s Vanities’ along with W.C. Fields. Although Fields

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Did you know that #moviestar Dustin Hoffman drinks Caffe Vergnano and was well paid to do so? Proof: #actor #movies #FilmTwitter

The VW Fastback was the dopiest #car Volkswagen ever made and this #vintage Dustin Hoffman #TV #Commercial for it somehow makes that okay. #tvtime

Dustin Hoffman (or is it Benjamin Braddock?) enthusiastically sells the ludicrous 1969 #VW Fastback in this classic #Television #Commercial. #TCMParty #actors

Dig W.C.Fields lovely digs in Laughlin Park which was for sale last year. #Hollywood #LosAngelesHomes #TCMParty

Have you ever seen W.C. Fields incredible Juggling act? You haven't? Well, the best five minutes of your day await you! #comedy #Circus #FilmTwitter #TCM

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