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It’s been over a month since I’ve posted anything on this blog and I can place the blame for my laziness squarely on the shoulder of Twitter. After being on Twitter for something like eight years and barely ever glancing at it, I finally found out what is so addictive

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Welcome to 2019. What better way to start the year off than with an embarrassing old commercial for Martini & Rossi (booze, if you’re not familiar with it) starring Angie Dickinson–then the smoking hot spokesdame for the brand–and a clearly uncomfortable Burt Bacharach at the piano. Burt can’t seem to

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In the interests of keeping this blog (such an early 21st century term) from becoming a Laurel and Hardy tribute site, I’ve posted the above 1979 commercial for Milk. Don’t ask why. There doesn’t have to be a reason for everything. But I’ve always admired the drum fill toward the

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If you were sitting around your house in Los Angeles on the night of April 1st 1974 and had the TV tuned (as it once was said) to KTLA Channel 5, you would have seen the above two minutes of ads. It’s the night before the 46th Academy Awards which

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Perhaps it’s because I’m emptying out my late parents home of fifty years (mine too, I guess) but I’ve become acutely aware of how much of my childhood was spent not playing outdoors in the California sunshine but instead huddling indoors staring at the Zenith Television (rabbit ears, black and white etc.).

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Here’s a nice little (seven minutes and change) reel of 1974 national commercials. A big part of the pleasure of watching this compendium (at least for me) is observing the gentle yet omnipresent video roll–apparently this was transferred from somebody’s VHS (or Beta?) tape. We see Steve Allen shilling for

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Strange moment in the lyric of 'New York New York'. At the end the narrator says: 'If I can make it there I'll make it anywhere' but then shifts the burden of responsibility to the city:'It's up to YOU, New York New York', thereby evading responsibility for his potential failure.

In 'As Time Goes By' we are told 'woman needs man and man must have his mate THAT NO ONE CAN DENY'. But is it the specific mate that cannot be denied or the general concept about man needing his mate that can't be denied? I've never been clear on this. Anyone? #cinema #TCMParty

I just discovered this hour-long doc on Don Siegel, featuring a long interview with the man himself. "I find directing very boring, dull...I don't like it" are among some of his more joyous pronouncements. Well worth a watch. #FilmTwitter #Filmmaker #TCM

Old Hollywood studios always had a 'ranch'--land somewhere in LA where they shot their westerns, outdoor stuff etc. Hal Roach's was in a neighborhood called Beverlywood which is near West LA. Dig these before/after views. #Cinema #LosAngeles #TCMParty

Old school NYC brownstone mailbox. I love when stuff like this remains untouched for decades. Perhaps even a century.

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